Leaves are falling, The weather is crisp

The clouds are coming, the wind is brisk

The heat is gone, and the night is here

The Sun Recedes, Joy’s greatest fear

The Mood is low, the worrying high

The doubt is here, as rain falls from the sky

But there is hope for the weary, The burdened and broken

Theres Light in this darkness,  Joy for those who know him

That on this cold Fall Day, with Depression setting in

The sadness should be gone, As there is no Fall in Heaven!


I Wonder Out Loud

I wonder out loud as the time passes by

A flicker of light in this dark barren sky

That for what or for why are we here on this earth

It is something I’ve wondered ever since close to birth

Regret and rejection disgust and disdain

Seems to be swirling around me adding to my shame

But that flicker of light, that inkling of hope

has brought a new sense of confidence for this bumbling mope

It has renewed my vigor, silenced my doubt

has answered some questions of what life is all about

It has steadied my patience, suppressed my pain

turned a frown to a smile on my face once again

So this is My blog , my blog it is

It’s called a poem a day,

Written In every genre, in every way

I’m not a proffesional, and not here for show

I have words in my head, just thought I’d let you know

So take a look or a peek, feel free to come and go

While not world class, my poems will flow

I have the imagination, and the words to say

I will do what I can to brighten your day!